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We take pride in using progressive, modern techniques to achieve lifelike, naturally translucent porcelain crowns and bridges.

Zirlux™ Full Zirconia crowns

  • These crowns are the strongest tooth colored crowns on the market, and are great to use in the posterior region.

    We also offer IPS e.max® CAD crowns which are extremely aesthetic and strong, and are mainly used in the anterior and bicuspid region.
Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns and bridges

  • These have been the standard for many years. With superior strength and beautiful aesthetics, they remain quite popular. Butt joint facial margins are available if requested. We currently use 85% gold or 60% gold for our porcelain fused-to-metal crowns and bridges.
Full gold crown

Full gold crowns

  • These crowns have been a staple when strength is paramount. We currently use 75% gold or 40% gold for our full gold crowns and bridges.
Procera(R) coping

Porcelain to Zirconia

  • These crowns are great.for anteriors and bicuspids. You get the beauty of an all ceramic crown and the strength of a PFM crown.


  • We have been working with implants for nearly 20 years, and are experienced with all the major implant systems. We regularly attend seminars to learn new techniques. Having the ability to customize greatly improves the emergence profile of the implant-supported crowns and bridges. We also work with standard pre-fabricated abutments and can customize them in the lab where indicated.
    Partnering with our milling lab allows us to digitally customize our abutments, whether they're cementable or screw retained cases.